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The kind of women who always chase men, và how you can become the kind of high-value man women love and want to lớn chase.

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In this video clip coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a twenty-five year-old woman who has been following my work for the past five months. Initially, she says she hated me, because the guys who treated her lượt thích shit acted exactly like how I teach guys lớn be. However, she says she has since fallen in love with my coaching và has changed her attitude and mindset, even referring my work lớn men she knows could use the help.

She discusses how my work helped her lớn self-reflect, self-diagnose and come lớn understand why she chased certain men away and why she blew others off. It’s a great e-mail to understand why women chasing men is natural, instinctual, innate and how to lớn facilitate this behavior as a man when dating, so you both can be happy. My comments are in bold italics lượt thích this below in the body toàn thân of her email.

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Dear Coach,

Thanks for the good work done. I am a 25-year-old female postgraduate student in Germany. I landed on your work via YouTube about 5 months back. Honestly, I first hated you, because the guys that treated me lượt thích shit acted exactly like how you were telling guys to behave.

I don’t teach guys to lớn treat women like shit. I teach men how to lớn act lượt thích men so women are naturally, innately & instinctively drawn khổng lồ them.

But eventually, I fell in love with your coaching. Now I am a super fan and literally addicted.


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I know it’s nội dung meant for guys, but it has helped me so much on understanding men. I had read Steve Harvey’s work that is just for women. Combining that knowledge with what I have learnt from you is very helpful.

By the time I came across your channel, I was very frustrated,

Well, people don’t come khổng lồ me because things are going great in their life. They come to lớn me because something’s not going well, or something’s going sideways, và they’re trying to figure out what the fuck to do to turn it around,

the kind of girl that always did all the chasing, the pursuing and all the guy’s work.

There’s nothing wrong with doing all of the chasing. However, when the other person doesn’t reciprocate and celebrate your attention seeking, but instead takes it for granted or mistreats you, that’s when you’ve got to lớn back off. Women who don’t back off are doing it because they don’t really value themselves.

When you don’t value yourself, eventually the other person is going to lớn start treating you like they don’t value you, because you don’t value yourself. Until you value yourself, you’ll never allow anybody to value you either.

I am slender with a beautiful, curvy body toàn thân and pretty face everyone finds too nice & sweet, intelligent & humble, or so they say. Adding that to my Christian values, surely it shouldn’t be hard for me khổng lồ find and keep a good guy, but apparently it is.

When you don’t have a high opinion of yourself, whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re going lớn talk people out of liking you. You’re also going khổng lồ talk people out of hiring you if you’re looking for a job, & you’ll talk customers out of doing business with you if you don’ believe in your product, service or what you bring to lớn the table. It’s just a fact of life.

For one reason or two, I feel low on myself. I have serious confidence issues and lack of self-worth. The guys I am attracted lớn are either too good for me, or so I think, or it’s my obvious show of neediness và being desperate that pushes them away.


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Well, the key is khổng lồ recognize that. Dating is like a game of tennis.

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You hit the ball over the net, và you wait for the other other person to hit it back. You want lớn make sure they hit it back & reciprocate, instead of running around lớn the other side of the net và hitting the ball back to yourself, which is what a lot of guys do, and obviously in this particular case, you’re doing as a woman.

Eventually, the other person’s going lớn get tired of hitting the ball back to a needy and weak person that doesn’t value themselves, & they’re going lớn walk off the court and find somebody else khổng lồ play tennis with.

I never saw it that way until I started following you. Yes! Some women need to secretly listen to you as well. I have personally learnt a lot.

Anyway, for now I have decided to lớn first concentrate on me.

The idea is to lớn become a high value human being, to create a life và lifestyle that you love & that you’re proud of. Lớn have a life’s work, a mission & a purpose, something that when you get up every day, you’re excited lớn work towards fulfilling. That makes you an attractive person. That makes you somebody who values yourself & values your life.

People who don’t give a fuck don’t eat healthy, they don’t work out, they don’t care about their shitty job, the shitty friendships they have or the toxic people in their life. They just really don’t give a damn, và their bodies become a reflection of their physical thoughts and lives.

If your body, your friends & the people in it are a reflection of somebody that doesn’t value themselves. When you meet somebody that highly values themselves, they’re going to thua trận interest really quickly because they want somebody that’s on their level. Maybe somebody that’s even a little higher up the ladder of life or success, so they can inspire & push each other lớn grow và become more. The purpose of all relationships is, you go there khổng lồ give.

I’m investing serious time in myself, listening khổng lồ all of you life coaches, and first going to make myself a better woman. I wish you could come up with something for us ladies too!


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Well, you’re obviously learning from what I teach. I have a lot of women clients as well, because what I teach helps them understand healthy ways lớn interact with men & also ways to lớn weed out guys that don’t know what the hell they’re doing, so they don’t keep dating the kinds of guys that keep hurting them.

When you see a guy taking advantage of you & not treating you the way you want, you can back off & see if he makes the effort you’re looking for. And if he doesn’t, you’ve got to lớn be okay with letting him go. You want somebody who mutually chooses you, who mutually allows you to lớn be you, and vice versa.

Otherwise, I have recommended your work khổng lồ a few brothers out there, & they highly appreciate it.

Stay blessed,


I did an article many years ago và even referenced that article in my book called, “Why Women Prefer lớn Chase Men.” When you watch little girls that have great relationships with their dads, their father is their rock and mountain in their lives. When they feel unsafe or unsure, they go sit in daddy’s lap and tell their daddy what’s going on. Daddy listens, he’s supportive, he lets them talk, and then when they feel safe & comfortable again, they get up và go back out into the world. When they grow up and become women, they do the same thing with their men.

There’s a reason why women wear all the makeup and dress in very sexy clothes. It’s to lớn get attention. When dating, they don’t come right out & ask you out on a date. They’re just giving you an opportunity to notice & celebrate their beauty, because they know if you lượt thích them, you’re going to lớn be glad they got in touch, you’re going khổng lồ get right to the point, và you’re going lớn make a date.

Remember, women are emotionally, mentally, spiritually & physically designed to receive the strength of a man. After the first two to lớn three weeks, if you follow the protocol that’s in the book, as long as she’s not a lunatic, she’ll pursue you & make it really easy. As Adam Carolla said, “When a woman’s into you, the doors start opening, và all you’ve got to bởi vì is walk through them. But if the doors start closing in your face, then you turn around và you walk away.” Both people should bởi that.

If you’re not getting treated the way you want to lớn be treated, và if you ask the other person in a loving way khổng lồ treat you the way you want to be treated, the strongest negotiating position is being able to lớn walk away and mean it. Some people are not going to treat you the way you want, và it’s silly lớn sit around trying khổng lồ change them or hoping that things are going to get better, especially if that’s how they’ve always interacted with other people. Having the strength lớn walk away shows self-respect for yourself. You should respect và value yourself first, because if you don’t, nobody else will.

“Feminine energy is about bonding, connecting, opening up khổng lồ receive love, dating, relationship labels, commitments, nesting, family and becoming one. Masculine energy is about purpose, drive, mission, succeeding, accomplishing, breaking through barriers, overcoming challenges and fulfilling one’s purpose. Men và women both have & utilize both energies, but in order lớn maintain sexual polarity & attraction, they must behave in ways that are congruent with their natural dominant essence. Women are naturally, innately & instinctively driven khổng lồ get noticed by và seek the attention of men. Men are naturally, innately & instinctively driven lớn notice & celebrate beauty. This is why as long as men are direct, decisive và get right lớn the point of noticing and celebrating their beauty, women will continually chase & pursue men. This is the dance of courtship and romance.”