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A Few Things lớn Consider

The hype surrounding smart TVs is compelling, but there are some cost considerations & limitations to consider.

Although smart TV platforms provide access to lớn many không tính phí channels & services, many require either a monthly subscription or a pay-per-view fee. When you start adding up those costs, you could end up spending as much, or more, than a monthly cable/satellite bill. On the other hand, you will be paying only for the channels and nội dung you want.

The brand/model smart TV determines the services & features that you can access. Although all smart TVs access a lot of the same bộ vi xử lý core services (Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Pandora), many additional & niche channels might not be accessible on some smart TV platforms.

Can Smart TVs Spy on You?

Using a smart TV may result in privacy issues. Smart TVs and content app providers usually track your viewing habits to provide you with viewing suggestions. For example, every time you log into Netflix, the menu shows what you've watched recently, as well as updated suggestions for related movies or programs that you might like based on your 'watched recently' list.

You might think that this type of tracking is a good thing because it cuts tìm kiếm time for movies or programs to watch, but a smart TV might be doing more than track your viewing habits. If your smart TV has a webcam or voice control, there is a possibility that someone could gian lận in và see/hear you.

Also, any credit thẻ purchases you make using your TV might be trackable by third parties. If your voice control or webcam is on, don't say or bởi vì anything that you wouldn't vì or say in public—and be cautious with your online credit card purchases.

Smart TV Shopping Tips

When shopping for a TV, just about all brands/models offer some level of smart functionality that expands your viewing options. Be aware, however, of variations in content access, additional subscription/pay-per-view costs, possible privacy issues, and the need lớn balance the attractiveness of a specific smart TV with other important factors such as picture quality, sound quality, and physical connectivity.

If you want to showroom TV, movie, music streaming, & other smart features to lớn your trang chủ entertainment experience but don't know if you need a smart TV, here are some guidelines:

If you are shopping for a new TV and don't have any other devices that provide access to internet streaming content, then getting a smart TV is a good choice.If you already have a smart TV that doesn't provide access to the number or type of streaming channels you would like, consider adding an external truyền thông streamer, streaming stick, or internet-enabled Blu-ray disc player rather than buying a new smart TV.

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If you already own a TV without smart features but are satisfied with its picture chất lượng and other features, you don't need to lớn buy a smart TV. Just showroom a truyền thông media streamer, streaming stick, or internet-enabled Blu-ray disc player khổng lồ your current setup.If you are concerned about privacy issues, consider an external truyền thông streaming device. It won't prevent purchase or viewing habit tracking, but it does prevent direct audio/video spying.If you are interested in audio-only streaming, a network-enabled stereo or home theater receiver will provide better sound unique for music listening than a smart TV.

A smart TV is just one way to add internet streaming and related features lớn your TV viewing experience. Use the guidelines above khổng lồ decide if it's the best choice for you.

On a Budget? Try a Smart TV Alternative

If you recently purchased, or currently have, a TV without smart features or an older smart TV with limited options, you don't need khổng lồ buy a new smart TV if your TV still works well and satisfies your picture-quality needs. You can địa chỉ cửa hàng smart features lớn your current TV viewing experience at a minimal cost.

A truyền thông streamer is typically a small box that plugs into your TV's HDMI port and connects khổng lồ your mạng internet router via Ethernet/Wi-Fi. If you have an older TV without an HDMI input, your options are more limited. Older model Roku Express+ media streamers (which you might find on Amazon or other retailing sites) provide analog đoạn clip audio connections for those cases.Another type of truyền thông media streamer is a stick that is slightly larger than a USB flash drive & plugs into an available HDMI input. The stick-type media streamer provides Wi-Fi access to your TV, so make sure you have a wireless internet router. The stick also needs khổng lồ connect to lớn a USB or AC nguồn source.
In addition khổng lồ playing physical truyền thông such as Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and CDs, almost all Blu-ray Disc players provide access khổng lồ many mạng internet streaming channels (depending on brand and model).The mạng internet channel selection is usually not as extensive as with a media streaming box or stick. Still, it is undoubtedly convenient: You don't have khổng lồ connect both a truyền thông streamer and a Blu-ray disc player khổng lồ your TV, which cuts down on cable clutter. If you are a fan of DVDs, Blu-ray discs, & CDs but want to địa chỉ cửa hàng streaming as an additional nội dung source, a Blu-ray disc player might be the solution for you.
Like Blu-ray disc players, the mạng internet channel selection might be limited, và recording features work only with OTA programs. It does provide another option that cord-cutters can take advantage of, though. DVRs are more expensive than truyền thông media streamers and Blu-ray disc players.
Although smart TVs and truyền thông streamers include some online music channels, music fans appreciate the capabilities of network-enabled stereo or home theater receivers. This option provides access lớn several streaming music services and plays that music back through the stereo or trang chủ theater speaker setup. The result is a much higher-quality listening experience than built-in TV speakers or even a TV combined with a soundbar can deliver.

phầm mềm Platforms by Smart TV Brand

TV brands incorporate one or more platforms through which they offer apps. (This integrated platform is what makes a TV smart.) Here are a few of the brands và platforms you're likely lớn find:

LG: WebOSPhilips: NetTVSharp: VEWD
Do I need the mạng internet to use a smart TV?

Yes. Unless your TV supports antenna or cable/satellite television, you need an mạng internet connection to watch TV. That said, you can still connect trò chơi consoles & DVD players, although you don't need a smart TV to use those devices.