Sid Meier'S Civilization V: Brave New World, Civilization V: Brave New World Review

Brave New World fulfills Civilization V's full potential, và stands as one of the most expertly crafted strategy games in years.

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By Daniel Starkey on October 16, 2013 at 12:46PM PDT

Civilization wears a special mantle within the realm of strategy games. As one of the first games in the genre và a progenitor of the 4X style, it not only spawned one of the most popular strategy franchises but also one of the most influential. Sid Meier"s Civilization V took many bộ vi xử lý core elements of game play back to lớn their roots, retooling và refining them in an attempt lớn modernize the aging mechanics. It was a somewhat controversial move, stripping out much of the complexity that fans had come to expect, but after both Gods và Kings và Brave New World, the full beauty và elegance of what Firaxis has done is readily apparent. With exceptionally clever additions to many of the weakest areas of past entries, Brave New World isn"t just the best Civilization has ever been; it stands as one of the most expertly crafted strategy games in recent memory.

In the Scramble for Africa scenario, you can play as either a European colonial power, or any one of several first nations.

The second major addition lớn the Civilization feature phối is tourism. As an expansion of culture, tourism fundamentally alters one of the game"s many win conditions. In previous iterations of Civilization V, cultural victories were handled in an incomplete way. Culture-producing buildings, wonders, và great persons would drive social innovation, allowing you khổng lồ select new policies that gave your civilization certain bonuses supporting different strategies và play styles. After five social ideas had been completely adopted, you could start the Utopia Project and claim victory. While fun as a sort of idealized method of establishing global domination, the Utopia Project was very difficult khổng lồ defend against, requiring either a powerful military kích hoạt or a dramatically superior cultural output to be quickly developed--neither of which is easy at any stage of the game.

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With Brave New World, that system has been retooled. Culture still allows for social innovation & the adoption of new, beneficial policies, but they are no longer the real key to lớn a victory; they"re simply a decent gauge of progress. A culture win now requires that your civilization hold significant sway over the majority of other civs in play. By fostering a society that creates great painters, musicians, và writers, and then displaying those works publicly in museums & theaters, you compete with others for the attention of the global community; the greater your influence, the closer you are to lớn a win. Buildings, units, và various other features have all been added to support this play style and, most importantly, to help prevent other players from winning too quickly.

Later in the game, you have access lớn ideologies, which are three expanded trees that can help you further refine the focus of your nation. Freedom, order, và autocracy all tư vấn different strategies & play a role in diplomacy. Freedom is focused on helping more great writers, artists, & musicians find their way in your society. Order gears your civilization for raw industrial output and can help fuel a powerful war machine. Autocracy establishes a rigid social structure that can help you focus your society on the creation of wealth, science, và expansion. Countries with matching ideologies receive bonuses to lớn trade and tourism on both sides, while those with opposing perspectives suffer penalties. Changing ideologies is difficult without a dissatisfied citizenry, but with some planning and basic information on your rivals, careful choices can help prevent other countries from gaining too much cultural influence.

Social Policies have also received an overhaul, adding two new groups as well as sets of ideologies khổng lồ help you customize your Civilization.

Civilization has always been a big game, seeking lớn encompass the entire span of human history, from the advent of agriculture & animal husbandry lớn the exploration of space. The game is a monument to humankind, both its triumphs & its sins. Brave New World taps into some of the darkest chapters of the long và storied history of our species, but presents them with respect, reverence, and a distinct sense of optimism for our uncertain future. This expansion is a fantastic accomplishment, and one that finally fulfills all of the potential of this chapter of the series.

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