The 15 Best Rts Games To Play Starcraft In Starcraft 2 With This Clever Remake

Honestly it just feels like poor design. I feel lượt thích you would have better control of your army, it would allow for quick navigation around the bản đồ with scrollwheel (zoom out, zoom into another area). What are the reasons blizzard chooses not to let us zoom out in game?

You would have worse control over individual units, but better over your whole army.

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If you think trading fine control for better full army control is a good thing you're probably in a low league.

But, zooming out would be optional. Just like right now you can zoom in. Why not give players the option to lớn be at the zoom level they want?

It would be an unfair disadvantage to those on lower unique systems. I know plenty of people who can't zoom out in replays because it starts to lag their game. You're processing a lot more data at once, and Blizzard does bởi a lot of things to lớn make it so Starcraft runs well on shitty computers, but that would negate a lot of it since it's a direct increase in amount of data being displayed on the screen. It would also affect those with less good internet since they'd have lớn send và receive more packets.

It would also affect those with less good internet since they'd have to send và receive more packets.


I see. Thanks for giving an answer.

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I thought that there might be a technical reason, but I assumed that since observers can zoom out that it wouldn't be a big deal.

If you zoom out, you can see more. If you can see more, the trò chơi is easier. They don't want the game to be too easy. It's pretty simple game-design logic.

Most people are arguing it is for game balance and performance reasons...

You might find this surprinsing, but I think the reasons are mostly aesthetic/artistic.

If you played SC1 when it came out it was pretty amazing. I was too young khổng lồ get into the multiplayer scene (and probably khổng lồ play Starcraft at all) but I loved playing singleplayer (I can proudly say even at those ages I tried not to lớn cheat in SP unlike the friend that introduced me khổng lồ it) và messing with the maps editor và custom campaign maps. Now, one of the things that impacted 7-8 year old me the most was the whole art and sound design. As a kid who had played mostly age-appropiate games till then Starcraft's visual và sound kiến thiết blew me away. I was also a nerdy kid who really liked his dragons, spaceships and aliens, so I saw a lot of appeal in Starcraft while I saw none in AoE, for example. Even if it was a strategy game và 2D it was the most satisfying & visceral game I had ever played, I discovered the joy of blowing up Zerg waves. Those Zerg death screams will stick with me until I die.

Starcraft 2 has largely conserved these elements, even if there are other RTS games now that have beaten it in visual fidelity và scale none have come close khổng lồ make combat feel as intense và visceral. This has a lot to do with game play decisions (having large amounts of units dying khổng lồ every kind of weapon imaginable instead of a handful of squads engaging in trench warfare) but the camera zoom really helps a lot too. There is no option lớn zoom out so much your unit become coloured blobs on the map lượt thích in Supreme Commander, this would certainly make it easier khổng lồ engage và multitask on multiple fronts, but I think that visceral element could suffer from it.

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