Pokémon đen is one of the most popular games on the Nintendo DS. Here, you can tải về the ROM for không tính tiền and experience it on your device.

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Introduce about Pokémon Black

Introduce about Pokémon Black

Pokémon đen is the first in the series of games of the same name. It was released concurrently with Pokémon white in the EU region in 2010. Up to now, these games are 10 years old, but their popularity has not decreased.

Overall, Pokémon black is a fifth-generation trò chơi of this series. It added a host of new features và challenges. Gamers and fans of the Pokémon series are hard khổng lồ ignore. They will take a long time to conquer this game!


Pokémon đen is a new generation game, but it retains its familiar nội dung and gameplay. You will play as a young Pokemon trainer, join the adventure journey around the world và become a Pokemon master.


Initially, the trò chơi takes place in a small village where there is a tradition of finding & training Pokemon. You are awarded one of three Pokemon balls, along with the corresponding Pokemon. This is the beginning of a legend.

Then, you will interact, communicate with the NPCs & help them perform their tasks. In this way, you will move lớn new lands. There are more challenges and monsters there, but if you can defeat them, you will gain special achievements.

Become a Pokemon master

Pokémon black has several important milestones that players need to lớn overcome. For example, defeat quái vật bosses of a continent or the trainers of the town/city you visit.

Of course, these opponents tend to lớn get stronger with each round, so you also need to develop both your control & the power nguồn of the Pokemon.

If you can beat those powerful opponents, you will have a chance khổng lồ receive new Pokemon, rarer, stronger và smarter. This is one of the prerequisites that will help you win the title of Pokemon Trainer, and help you go further in your journey lớn conquer the lands in Pokémon Black.

Triple Battle – a notable feature

Besides the story mode, you can refresh your experience when joining the Triple Battle mode. As the name suggests, you will throw three Pokemon Orbs into battle. The 3vs3 battle will take place until one team is completely defeated.

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The chơi game and controls have not changed. In order to lớn win the Triple Battle, you need a good strategy. Let’s calculate và divide the work among the three members. You have khổng lồ know the strengths & weaknesses of each Pokemon, grasp the opponent’s strategy và come up with a suitable coping plan.

What’s new in Pokémon black version?

In addition to Triple Battle, Pokémon black also features Xtransceiver khổng lồ help players connect and interact with each other. For local mode, Xtransceiver allows up to lớn four players to liên kết together. This number is reduced lớn only half in online mode.

With the wireless connection feature, players can connect with each other anywhere to lớn fight, exchange items without going to lớn a trading center anymore. This feature is actually a huge improvement, making it ideal for impatient gamers.

With the wireless connection feature, players can connect with each other anywhere khổng lồ fight, exchange items without going khổng lồ a trading center anymore. This feature is actually a huge improvement, making it ideal for impatient gamers.


Pokémon Black’s graphics bởi vì not have much improvement compared lớn previous Pokemon games. However, it has added new perspectives and animations. The player can observe this when his Pokemon performs an attack. Wider viewing angles, more eye-catching effects create a sense of flexibility, rather than top-down viewing angles in 4th generation games.

Download Pokémon đen NDS ROM

There are quite a few extra features in Pokémon Black, but they don’t seem lớn be revolutionary or breakthrough. The nội dung of the trò chơi develops in the old direction, but with more quests & Pokémon for you to conquer.

Overall, Pokémon đen is quite interesting. & if you are a fan hâm mộ of the Pokémon game series, you should not miss this game.

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