One of the high points of the series, Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea has the player return to Rapture khổng lồ find out what it is that connects the first and final games of the series, while dealing with all the same dangers và puzzles that Andrew Ryan"s failed utopia always brings. We"ll show you all the locked doors and codes you"ll need to mở cửa them.

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All Door Codes for Burial at Sea Episode 1

There are three coded doors in the first episode of Burial at Sea, each of which we"ve listed below with the codes và the items you can find for doing so.

Door LocationDoor CodeReward
High Street; The Watched Clock Diner2076Cash, "Offer of Employment" Audio Diary
Fontaine"s Department Store; Ladieswear Department0928"Quick-Handed" Pants/Gear, Cash, Lockpick, "Insufficient Postage" Audio Diary.
Fontaine"s Department Store; Housewares; The Bistro at Fontaine"s3958Radar Range weapon và ammo, Medical Kit
open all the doors you want, just don"t open any windows. | Joel Franey/, Irrational Games/2K

All Door Codes for Burial at Sea Episode 2

Having a far greater stealth focus, Episode 2 ensures that finding these hidden stockpiles of loot is both more dangerous and more necessary than ever. Knowing the codes in advance should help make things a lot less risky.

Door LocationDoor CodeReward
Fontaine"s Department Store; Housewares; The Silverfin Restaurant1216Story required
Fontaine"s Department Store; Housewares; Service Bay7951Lift controls, Radar Range Weapon, Possess Turret Mod
Finkton Factory; Fink MFG Research Laboratories8371Ironsides Salts Mod
Finkton Factory; Surgical Suite2847Ironsides Health Mod

Now that you know how lớn make it through Rapture, why not kiểm tra out how to vị it in the original games with our guides to lớn the first Bioshock và the second one? Or if you want to know how khổng lồ crack the Vox Cipher Codes in Infinite"s main campaign, just follow this link.

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