From Top To Bottom - Remember: Skt T1 Vs Samsung Galaxy

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League of Legends Worlds 2017 Semifinals - RNG v SKT (4:37)Royal Never Give Up looks lớn dethrone SK Telecom T1 and advance khổng lồ the world finals. (4:37)

Despite Samsung Galaxy making the final and taking SK Telecom T1 lớn five games,, almost no commentator saw it as the second strongest team at the năm nhâm thìn League of Legends World Championship. Despite being underestimated, however, Samsung had continued to evolve, và it was that adaptation that, in my opinion, mix them ahead of ROX Tigers as the World Championship closed.Editor"s Picks

At Beijing"s Birds Nest Stadium this Saturday, SKT và Samsung will meet at the first ever repeat final. Once again Samsung has improved over the course of the event, but rather than say it doesn"t deserve lớn be there, critics may even dare to lớn refer to lớn Samsung as the favored team lớn best SKT -- a first, as every final SKT has appeared in it has won.

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While SKT và Samsung"s Chinese opponents focused more on scaling options, even moving for the likes of Twitch & Soraka, SSG & SKT have both put high emphasis on strong laning picks to carry out side laning setups; a stark contrast from the reputation for building late game team fighting compositions. As such, victory or defeat for SSG and SKT will come down to lớn getting solo lanes ahead & understanding when to lớn group và when to lớn attack side lanes.

Top counterpick priority

Cuvee, right, and Ambition, left, at the 2017 League of Legends World Championship.Provided by Riot GamesBoth SKT and Samsung prioritized having strong đứng top lane matchups in their series against Royal Never Give up và Team WE. Shen, Camille, Gnar, & even Kennen ended up being pivotal picks for SKT"s Heo "Huni" Seunghoon và Samsung"s Lee "CuVee" Seungjin. But how the two đứng đầu laners played out strong matchups was more significant.

SKT looks for ways to get Huni an advantage. This can be as simple as creating pressure in the bottom side and forcing Teleports from opponents lớn give Huni a miễn phí lane khổng lồ farm, as SKT did against RNG in game 1. For example, RNG tried to lớn make a play on the bottom side, allowing Huni to claw back for an eleven minute Trinity Force.

Still, advantages can be squandered. In that same game, because of the lead on the enemy Twitch, Huni didn"t have the option of split-pushing past river even with a lead against Shen. Even with vision on Twitch, Huni didn"t push khổng lồ river and work on building his advantage. He grouped when he could have pushed, & that sent SKT into a team fight with four low range members against a Janna và no Ardent Censer of their own.

By contrast, CuVee has a steady commitment to lớn side lane pressure. He often pushes to lớn the turret, relying on Samsung"s vision control on the opposite side of the map to know the location of threats. Samsung also rely on CuVee much more khổng lồ set up team fights on Gnar or Kennen with a strong flank. The team prioritizes giving him a counterpick matchup so that jungler Kang "Ambition" Chanyong has the ability lớn help mid và bottom lane phối up good backs. Ambition shouldn"t be considered a gank-oriented jungler, but rather one that always shows up to lane khổng lồ help mid và bottom push out and get an advantageous back so they come khổng lồ lane with stronger itemization.

As such, if both SKT and Samsung go for a 1-4 composition as they have throughout the playoffs, a lot will come down to lớn strong top lane picks. That will give red side an advantage, and Samsung will be able to lớn utilize this advantage better than SKT. SKT will get more of an advantage on blue side by prioritizing strong jungle picks to influence mid lane.

Of course mid matters

Faker, center, is going for his fourth World Championship.Provided by Riot GamesIn both the SKT and Samsung series in the semifinal, Galio became a high priority mid lane pick. Samsung và Royal both found ways khổng lồ counter the Galio priority -- it came down to lớn strong jungle matchups to influence the mid lane.

After nerfs, Galio doesn"t have as much freedom lớn simply push the mid lane at early levels without exposing himself to tự động hóa attack harass. In trò chơi 3 in the RNG vs SKT series, RNG used Ryze & Sejuani against the weaker early Zac khổng lồ force Galio back and relinquish lane priority.

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In the Samsung series, Galio fell out of xanh side first pick tier when WE failed khổng lồ take advantage of Jarvan IV lớn pressure mid early. Galio is often banned on xanh side because his matchups are so jungle dependent. As the series progressed, however, Samsung felt more comfortable lớn first pick Galio, but the pick necessitated a strong ganking jungler like Lee Sin và a play-making support lượt thích Rakan. Even WE"s Su "xiye" Hanwei showed signs of wanting lớn back early, knowing that Rakan & Lee Sin could easily make a mid play và give priority to Galio over Taliyah. Yet he stayed in lane và gave up first blood.

It seems as if a Galio first pick isn"t ideal unless Jarvan IV is banned or blue side can ensure a strong jungle matchup. That"s why a powerful jungle pick lượt thích Sejuani with both Jarvan IV and Gragas off the table or Jarvan IV should be considered first pick-able. In this scenario, any even mid matchup can be swayed by the jungler. For SKT, this will matter much more as the team receives most of its control through Lee "Faker" Sanghyeok. As both top & bottom have performed unreliably for SKT, the importance of getting control mid and transferring it to side lanes increases.

As such, the limited pool of mid laners both teams will want khổng lồ play comes into contention. For Lee "Crown" Minho, Samsung has been so reliant on picks like Taliyah that it has picked her blind và gotten punished when WE countered with the Kassadin and Shen combination. Taliyah will fall prey to lớn assassin picks like Leblanc or Kassadin và really powerful traders like Cassiopeia. Yet the nguồn Taliyah has lớn both control mid lane và impact side lanes will make her equally attractive to SK Telecom T1 if it cannot choose Galio.

Since Crown"s laning has suffered this year, & Faker has had to lớn win his lane & transfer his pressure khổng lồ side lane, that makes both teams interested in pushing mids with globals. Samsung in particular have chosen heavy global comps, preferring Taliyah & Shen as a combination. SKT look lớn 1-4 & pick a mid that impacts side lanes và can counter ganks on priority.

As the trò chơi progresses, however, Crown"s limitations become more obvious. He plays almost every mid lane champion in a similar manner: wanting lớn push out top to river, get wards in the jungle around Baron , & set up for fights or picks to lớn transition lớn Baron. That made Viktor with a Lich Bane an ideal choice, as Viktor"s ultimate covered a lot of jungle space, but for something like Malzahar, Crown has struggled more to find the correct niches. Much narrower terrain is necessary khổng lồ get a pick with Nether Grasp without getting collapsed upon. As such, that raises priority on Taliyah even more.

Denying Taliyah could easily shut down how Samsung want to play mid and leave way more openings for SKT to lớn control Baron. With a strong jungle matchup as well, SKT can take any mid advantage lớn compensate for its weaknesses in side lanes.

Bottom blues

Bang và Peanut celebrate after a victory at the League of Legends World Championship.Provided by Riot GamesNeither Samsung nor SKT are known for their bottom laners, yet the greatest divergence comes from the bottom lane roles. Samsung has focused more on getting bottom leads with picks lượt thích Varus so it can hold its 1-4 or 1-3-1 better later on. SKT has wanted more scaling bottom lane picks khổng lồ set up for team fights.

While SKT will focus more jungle attention around top and mid, Ambition will teeter between mid và bot. That almost ensures a bottom lane lead for Samsung and an easier time playing out it desired composition. If Samsung has mid pressure in mid trò chơi off a bottom lane lead, Huni is much more likely to get caught out, which can cede Baron to Samsung without a team fight.

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