Sworn brothers Luffy và Ace are two notorious pirates sailing the seas of One Piece, chasing the same goal of freedom - but they"re not always alike.

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One Piece"s Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace are sworn brothers who grew up together on Mt. Corvo in the Goa Kingdom of the East Blue. Raised by the mountain bandit Dadan and her group, both Luffy và Ace grew up with the skills lớn survive in the wild and with time, they grew incredibly close to each other.

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Ace phối off on his journey to lớn become a pirate three years before Luffy, who followed him shortly after & made quite a name for himself. As expected of brothers, the two have several qualities in common but despite that, they"re also entirely their own characters.


Luffy and Ace may be pirates, but that doesn"t stop them from helping people out. On some occasions, they act the part of self-interested pirates, but on others, they"re kind & helpful lớn those around them.

Luffy, in particular, has saved countless countries from being destroyed. Meanwhile, Ace helped out Tama and her people in Wano Country"s Amigasa Village, freed the slaves from Onigashima, & promised to không tính phí Wano from Kaido"s reign.


When it comes lớn manners, Ace is miles ahead of Luffy. As a kid, Ace had Makino teach him how lớn properly greet others và he took every lesson she gave him very seriously. In the New World, Ace met Shanks and was respectful khổng lồ him because he saved Luffy.

When he met the Straw Hat Pirates, the group was completely surprised at how well-mannered he was và how much he cared about the feelings of other people.


Luffy and Ace grew up with the same goal of wanting to be the freest people in the world. As kids, they prepared themselves for the pirate life, but what really pushed them was the death of their brother, Sabo.

According to Ace, Sabo wanted to be không lấy phí but what killed him was the opposite. With that in mind, both Ace and Luffy spent the remaining years getting stronger and striving for the freedom that Sabo couldn"t grasp. When it comes lớn how much they value freedom, they"re very similar.


While both Ace và Luffy are exceptional pirates, they require different tư vấn systems. Luffy cannot survive without the help of his crew, as proven on so many occasions. Without Sanji, he can"t cook, và without Franky, he doesn"t even have a ship. Luffy can"t get anywhere without Nami và he can"t fulfill the roles of any of his other crewmates either.

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Ace, on the other hand, can do everything by himself. Ace was a skilled navigator và had his own ship, known as Striker. On the quest khổng lồ find Blackbeard, he traveled for months from the New World to the Grand Line without many problems.

Luffy and Ace are exceptionally skilled pirates và it goes without saying that they both wield Haki. Luffy was taught the usage of all three Haki by Silvers Rayleigh, the right-hand man of the Pirate King, during the two-year timeskip.

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Meanwhile, Ace awakened his Armament Haki when he fought Vice-Admiral Draw on Sabaody Archipelago. By the time Ace reached Fish-Man Island, he had full control over his Conqueror"s Haki. Ace hasn"t been seen using Observation Haki, but he most certainly possessed it.

Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates và he aims khổng lồ become the Pirate King by reaching Laugh Tale và finding the One Piece. Although his crew is small, it"s capable enough lớn take on anyone in the world.

Ace, on the other hand, started his journey as the captain of the Spade Pirates, but he ended up taking Whitebeard"s hand và became his son. Ace gave up his position as a captain và joined the Whitebeard Pirates instead.

Luffy is the captain of his crew và that automatically makes him responsible for the lives of all those who work for him. If any of Luffy"s crewmates die under his watch, then he might as well have failed as a captain. For Luffy, the feeling of loss that Sabo"s and Ace"s deaths brought was extremely difficult to deal with — which is why he doesn"t ever want to thua kém anyone again & protects his crew with his life.

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Ace, while not a captain, was still the leader of the Second Division of the Whitebeard Pirates. He bore great responsibility and when Teach, one of his subordinates, murdered Thatch, Ace chased him khổng lồ the ends of the earth.

Both Luffy và Ace wanted to lớn achieve great fame when they phối out on their journey khổng lồ become pirates, however, their true goals were very different. While Luffy always wanted to lớn be the Pirate King, Ace was more focused on surpassing his father, Gol D. Roger.

After joining the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace then wanted khổng lồ make Whitebeard the King. Surprisingly, the Yonko himself wanted Ace khổng lồ become the leader of the next generation và was raising him lớn become the next Pirate King.

Luffy and Ace are two of the most reckless pirates on the seas. Having followed Luffy"s journey for years, every tín đồ knows that he acts on his instincts và doesn"t care about the consequences at all. Luffy is very carefree và he shares this quality with Ace too.

Ace is usually very calm, but he burns like fire when anyone he cares about is under threat. Ace fought Bluejam when he was just a kid, knowing he might die. In Marineford, he confronted Akainu because he badmouthed Whitebeard and because Luffy was in danger.

Luffy was the first of the two brothers lớn eat a Devil Fruit. He gained the powers of the Gomu Gomu no mày when he hung out with Shanks and accidentally ate the fruit he had stolen, making him a rubber man with Paramecia powers.

Ace, meanwhile, ate his Devil Fruit after setting out on his journey. He shipwrecked on an island where he met Masked Deuce, who went onto become his right-hand man. There, Ace found the Logia-type Mera Mera no Mi, which gave him the power lớn turn into fire itself.

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