Legs are weak and soft, not martial arts, but they have something that our "martial arts princes" bởi vì not have.

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1. Han Tuyet – "The female jewel does not say a kiss kiss"

Han Tuyet is not a name that has contributed much khổng lồ the Chinese language arts community, but has been invited many years khổng lồ join the program to lớn meet the new year is sent live picture on New Year's Eve on trung quốc Central Television. Not only that, he also lịch sự solo – a privilege reserved only for veteran stars in a billion countries. Han Tuyet attended the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, & attended the Shenzhou rocket launcher VII. Any movie with Han Snow to lớn participate in, is definitely broadcast on major stations, where CCTV is typical.

"Milk Tea" Liu Yeung is famous for her warm và gentle voice and acting style

Liu Yong She is a singer, has brought the public many classic songs lượt thích of After hey, crazy for love, you love me too … The number of movies you play is not much, but still maintains a solid audience. His love story & teacher Tran Thang Hoan also touched many people. Looking at Liu Yuanying's working and calm way and his entertainment industry in China, it is possible lớn predict the position of a woman with a warm voice like this milk.

Grandpa's Liu Yeung – Liu Yong Yao – formerly the Lieutenant General of the army, and eventually worked for the Minister of Defense of Taiwan, và in 1998 died. Liu Yeung's love for singing is influenced by his grandfather, because he loves to sing military music. Although the show is loyal, Luu Anh Anh is still very simple và humble. There is not any information he made about his claim when working. But it can be said that no one will come to claim him in Chinese language entertainment. Even together, "big brother" Thanh Long also abstained from Liu Ye British for a few inches.

3. Vuong Phi – The name contributing to the diva creation

Vuong Phi is a natural man with a long history of success and the long career of C-biz

Wang Zhao Dan – Wang Fei's grandfather – was a famous Chinese politician once, taken as a thành viên of the 40s Government Legislature. Last century. Vuong Trieu Dan graduated from the National University of Beijing, is a close friend of Father Ly ngao – a popular politician và Taiwanese historian. The two families had a close relationship because Wang Fei's father was married to lớn Li Ngao's second brother.

Mother of Xia Photo – Wang Fei's mother – the famous soprano in China. Wang Fei loves the musical talent from his mother.

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At the age of 14, he was performed in the repertoire of Chinese National Television. The personality revolution, Vuong Phi's expectation is a descendant of a senior officer. This partly explains that paradise rarely follows the rules of the entertainment industry but is still held and abstained for decades of singing.

4. Tran Tue Lam – Sao woman's purest person in Hong Kong


Before marriage, è cổ Tue Lâm is the most powerful diva forums of Hong Kong

In the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, most female stars have rumors going back to lớn the giants. , or a "hidden rule" with a certain blood character, only the name Tran Tue Lam has not been mentioned. This is the god explicitly admitted, with his family, no one will come khổng lồ say that he has a "big" giant, or "under the rule" that can be used with him.

Tran's father tháng Lam – Tran Sung Vy – owns 2/3 of jewelry stores in Port Thom. His family is associated with the brand of Dai hanh khô Jewelry và Silver – the largest brand in Hong Kong. Tran Tue Lam could say he was born "golden spoon". But his personality was pretty modest, working hard, not taking his family to lớn curb others. The charismatic nature of Tran Tue Lam made her known as the "Ancient Thien Lac female version", largely due to lớn the great charity that is not less than music racing.

5. Canh Diem – Famous because "thanks to lớn Hollywood is still not famous"

Canh Diem is a " Chinese entertainment industry case

Jing Yan is a good actor, but his beauty is not good, his talent is not too much, but the level of coverage of this star in the blockbusters inside và outside the country produces of all people who are "dizzy" This makes the public different about the girl's "backstage." Some people say that Canh Diem has a "strong" background, some say that her relationship in the world of entertainment is no less than "big brother" like Thanh Long and Chan Tu Dan.

Remember at an sự kiện Not long ago, Canh Diem used the public "squint his eyes" for khổng lồ " inside "to deny Chan Don when he was touched to lớn hold him. With a beginner actor like Canh Diem, it's not easy to lớn be a "homeland" leader in the public.

 power of a female woman made both Thanh Long and Ly Lien Kiet reluctant - 7 <19659031> Donnie Yen's denial or receiving protection from Jackie Chan has all the options of Jing Yan  The monstrous playboy Wang Tu Thong was revealed khổng lồ Canh Diem as the daughter of the president of the Wanda Group. But he denied this information. She said her mother was a regular cadre, and her father was a small business. However, it has also been said that his father was the deputy minister of the Information & Communications Ministry, and general director of đài loan trung quốc Central Television Station. If this is true, the fact that Canh Diem appears lớn be too domestic và foreign blockbusters has become easier to understand. </p></div>

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