This week’s episode starts our journey khổng lồ the đứng đầu 8 of K-Pop Star season 5. Before we get into the competition, the contestants get a little makeover and do a photo shoot lớn prepare themselves for their future as superstars.If you guys aren’t familiar with the show, in this round the contestants randomly choose whether they’ll be placed in the A group or B group. Out of the people in each group, three people/teams will make it through lớn the top 8 automatically, while the other two are up for eliminations. After both groups have gone, the 100 people audience will vote for one of the four people up for eliminations. The two people with the least amount of votes are eliminated.Before we start, can we just give props lớn the stage director. The stage was so on point tonight!

Lee ham Eun, beautifully, starts the show off with her rendition of of Lee Juck’s “Laundry”. It was beautiful & a great way to lớn start the episode. I thought she definitely had more emotion in this performance than all of her past performances combined. JYP said that there was something missing. I think he said something along the lines of vì what you want to vày because it feels like something is holding you back. I can kind of see và relate khổng lồ it, which makes me like and understand her even more. There’s gotta be a song out there that will let her explain why she’s feeling the way she’s feeling, the suffocation & the frustration and everything in between.

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I thought that it was great. Joo mày Yeon’s performance at least. It seems lượt thích all the criticisms are more technical singing stuff that I don’t understand. I enjoyed her voice và I had to lớn remind myself to close my mouth from time to time. I bởi agree though that she needs lớn pick a tuy nhiên that will make her a star. I’ve enjoyed her performances so far but I’m still waiting on the one that will wow me lượt thích no other.

This girl doe. An Ye Eun.

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She is exceeding all my expectations. From her look to the concept of the song to the song itself, it rocked. I’m so into her concept and her vibe. She has this dark vibe khổng lồ her but, like, it’s fun. It’s not depressing và sad but fun. & she freakin’ rocked it with the band. The best thing about it was that it seemed lượt thích everyone enjoyed it which the judges were so worried about in previous rounds.

Mazinger S brought it. When I saw that they were going to lớn perform “Her” by Block B, I was lượt thích how are they going to vì that. But they had so much energy, it was great. Liu Yu Yu’s rap doe, lượt thích what! Where did that come from? I have to lớn agree with what JYP said about having similar performances. I love the sass and attitude, but maybe not so much in your face, let’s start a fight kind of sass. Maybe something more along the lines of the vibe & free-ness of 2ne1’s “I don’t care” mixed with the confidence of “I am the best”. Lol, does that even make any sense?

Park Min Ji thanh lịch Baek Ye Rin’s “Across the Universe”. I love this tuy nhiên and I think that she did it justice. She changed it a bit, at first it was a little weird but then I got it. You know? I got it. And it looked like she had so much with it, it was great khổng lồ see her enjoying the stage.

An Ye Eun gets first place, followed by Park Min Ji and Mazinger S, which leaves Joo mày Yeon and Lee yêu thích Eun up for elimination. Next week the A group performs and it’s bound khổng lồ be epic with Jung Jin Woo, Lee Soo Jung, & Yoo Jay. I can’t wait!

But I guess while I wait, I’ll shamelessly watch a few of my videos. You should too (not shamelessly, but proudly)!

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