Editor's note: The below article contains spoilers for I Am Groot.The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never cared too much about casualties, & every superhero has their hands stained with the blood of aliens, monsters, và humans. The reason is that, when it comes to lớn saving the world, MCU heroes are ready to beat down — và kill — all sorts of enemies. Some MCU characters have even killed without reason before, or are motivated by selfish aims. Even so, characters such as Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) & Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) show remorse for their actions và try lớn redeem themselves. I Am Groot, though, proves a cold-blooded killer is hiding among the Guardians of the Galaxy, using his cuteness as a shield from scrutiny.

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The first Guardians of the Galaxy film introduce us to Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel), a humanoid tree with a taste for crime và impaling people with his extensive arms. That Groot died at the movie's end, with an offspring born from one of the dead hero’s dry branches. Named Baby Groot after his childish & innocent features, the new version of the humanoid tree keeps the deadly abilities of his predecessor. However, this new Groot also seems to lớn have a taste for mayhem & destruction that surpasses any other MCU hero. And as I Am Groot shows, Baby Groot derives pleasure from the chaos & death he spreads throughout the galaxy.

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I Am Groot's first episode begins as a flower pot still constrains Baby Groot's movements. In the episode, the young murderer has all his needs fulfilled by a duo of slave robots. That is, until his pot cracks, and he’s traded for a bonsai. After that, Baby Groot is consumed by revenge và does everything he can khổng lồ destroy the innocent plant he now sees as an enemy. Unfortunately, it’s not the flora that’s unsafe next khổng lồ Baby Groot, as another episode has the little quái dị attacking the fauna. Lớn fashion himself a new scarf, Baby Groot brutally rips off the feathers of a bird. The creature is left behind without his natural protections, risking death by freezing in the cruel jungle. Baby Groot’s carefree personality almost kills one of the Guardians too, as Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) is sucked through a hole in the ship.

Fans of Baby Groot might prefer khổng lồ keep a blind eye to lớn his horrendous crimes and underline how, in the end, these victims didn’t suffer permanent harm. Nevertheless, while all these actions could be forgiven, I Am Groot reveals Baby Groot is also a genocidal killer. In the second episode of the limited series, Baby Groot discovers an entire civilization hidden beneath a rock. Naturally, baby Groot wants khổng lồ feel lượt thích a god, all-powerful before puny mortals. So, he uses his relative giant size to destroy the creature’s city and wreak havoc. However, once the diminutive aliens start defending their homes from the vicious beast attacking them, Baby Groot becomes a benevolent god, offering leaves lớn feed his people. Baby Groot ends up stomping the whole city, destroying thousands of lives. An accident, some may say, especially once those lives are shown khổng lồ be unharmed, but one last episode proves Baby Groot has murderous thoughts lurking behind those wide almond eyes.

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Image via Marvel Studios
In the third episode of I Am Groot, Baby Groot goes after an escaped alien inside the Guardians' ship. The episode is shot as a horror film as the gooey alien stalks his prey, aiming away from the camera. Once the alien menace is revealed, we discover the creature is a shapeshifter. The metamorph takes the shape of Baby Groot, angering the leafy maniac. So, Baby Groot lures the alien khổng lồ a disposal camera, launching the metamorph into space. What is worse is that the alien is revealed not to lớn be a menace but someone looking for friendship and willing to giới thiệu their sick nhảy đầm moves.

No more excuses! Baby Groot committed this murder willingly — not because he was possessed by an evil book like Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) or because he lost control of his gamma-ray-infused temper like the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). No. The creature is condemned khổng lồ a cold and lonely death in the voice of space for committing the crime of mimicking Baby Groot. There can be only one xinh tươi creature khổng lồ receive all the team’s love, and Baby Groot didn’t want to share the spotlight. The tiny tree’s solution to all his problems is savagery & murder.

Since I Am Groot is canon in the MCU, there’s no way khổng lồ hide it anymore. The new Groot might be the most dangerous character in the MCU, willing to lớn take out anyone who dares to stay in his way. As intlschool.edu.vn revealed from this year's Comic-Con, the next movie will feature a baby version of Rocket Raccoon, another cosmic cutie fighting for our attention. If the current Groot is still around by then, Rocket might have khổng lồ watch his back… because there's a killer plant on the loose.

All episodes of I Am Groot are available right now on Disney+. Check out the series’ trailer below: