Eyes Wide Shut is Stanley Kubrick's final movie starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, but what does the mask on the pillow near the kết thúc mean?

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The second half of Eyes Wide Shut sees Bill being given ominous warnings from this secret society, và he can’t seem lớn find his mask from the party. In one of the final scenes, Bill comes home and as he comes lớn bed he sees Alice (Nicole Kidman) sleeping next lớn the same Venetian mask he wore at the party. He then breaks down crying and confesses khổng lồ Alice his misadventures of the past few days. The big question is how did the mask get there, and who left it?

The most obvious answer is Alice found the mask và left it out as a way to lớn let Bill know she knew something was going on. This is the implication of Dream Story too – with the movie being quite faithful to the structure of the novella – though Kubrick obviously leaves this moment up khổng lồ interpretation. The second, & more terrifying suggestion, is the mask is a final warning from the secret society for Bill to lớn drop any further investigation or the fate that befell the woman who saved him could be visited upon Alice.

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One intriguing reading of the Eyes Wide Shut mask being on the pillow is that it’s only in Bill’s head as if he’s exhausted by trying to hide his attempts at infidelity or true feelings from Alice, leading lớn an emotional breakdown. Other interpretations are floating around, including the idea Alice was also at the party, và while there’s no mix meaning for how the mask got on that pillow, the idea Alice put it there herself seems khổng lồ be the prevailing theory. Given how upset she appeared following his confession, it’s very unlikely she knew exactly what he was out doing, however.

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