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Dances With Wolves: Special Edition DVD (1990)
Reviewed by Stella Papamichael

Kevin defied all the odds with his stunning 1990 directorial debut Dances With Wolves, the story of a burned out Civil War soldier despatched to lớn a remote frontier outpost where he with a tribe of Native Americans. The film revived the western with epic grandeur while steering clear of the disingenuous flag-waving sentiment that previously marred the genre. It went on to bag seven out of 12 Oscar nominations including Best Actor, Best Picture, và Best Director for Kevin Nobody mention Waterworld... Or The Postman...

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Dancing Till Dawn

Three discs are needed to lớn hold this luxuriously extended cut of Dances With Wolves, running at just under four hours. If you"re curious as to what was added or re-edited, The Lost Journal Of John Dunbar throws up along the way, or you simply tune in to lớn an audio by and producing partner Jim Wilson. assures us that this extended version doesn"t imply his dissatisfaction with the original cut, rather, "it creates an opportunity for those who fell in love with the characters & the spectacle of the film khổng lồ experience more of both." Indeed it does, although the pace inevitably slows to lớn a belly crawl, và disappointingly, the theatrical version is not available as part of this package.

Creating An Epic is a retrospective look at the making of the movie, and is an epic in itself given its hour-and-a-quarter running time. It"s a thorough exploration of all aspects of production, beginning with Michael Blake"s novel and the friendship he developed with who later asked him lớn adapt it for the big screen. "We were nobodies trying to be somebodies," he says.

KC is also refreshingly honest about the insecurities that plagued him as a first time director; however it"s his uncertainty in front of the camera that proves more entertaining. The original "making of" featurette boasts behind-the-scenes titbits, including an action sequence where takes a tumble off his high horse - literally. But the red-faced star hastily proclaims, "I didn"t fall off the horse, I got knocked off the horse." Pause and rewind...

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Shooting From The Hip

There"s a separate gallery of behind-the-scenes featurettes - essentially rehearsal clip shot guerrilla-style between takes. These include kiểm tra footage of an animatronic buffalo in death throes & a look at the logistics behind shooting an arrow into an actor"s chest và axing someone khổng lồ death. Needless khổng lồ say, don"t try this at trang chủ folks.

Other highlights are an alternative by director of photography Dean Semler & editor Neil Travis, who adopt a nuts & bolts approach in explaining how they achieved that " box" vision of the Old West. If you click on the inkblot on the special features thực đơn (Disc Three), you"ll also be treated lớn Travis" presentation reel Wind - a five-minute promotional reel made for the benefit of anxious studio execs prior to of the film.

While it omits the theatrical cut, this Special Edition release of Dances With Wolves is well rounded and thoroughly infused with the passion of those who helped bring it khổng lồ the screen. For those who loved the movie first time around, this purchase simply makes good horse sense.


Audio by director/star Kevin & producer Jim WilsonAudio by director of photography Dean Semler và editor Neil TravisThe Lost Journal Of John Dunbar - signposts for extended footageCreating An Epic documentaryOriginal "making of" Wind featurette (Easter egg) Marching featuretteGetting The Point featuretteBurying The Hatchet featuretteAnimatronic buffalo footageOriginal music videoPhotomontagePoster gallery

Technical Information

2Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby DTSAnimated, with music2.35:1 (anamorphic)
EnglishThe special features are not subtitled

End Credits


Writer: Michael Blake

Stars:Kevin, Mary McDonnell, Graham Greene, Rodney Grant, Tantoo Cardinal

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