Use our powerful PDF to Word OCR converter tools khổng lồ instantly turn your scanned PDFs intoperfectly formatted Word docs that are easy khổng lồ update và edit.

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Free Online PDF lớn Word OCR Converter

Evaluate Able2Extract PDF OCR công nghệ 100% free. No email required, completely anonymous.

Desktop PDF Converter & Editor with OCR

Get our Able2Extract Professional software & enjoy the best conversion results possible thanks to its next-generation OCR engine:

Convert scanned PDFs lớn MS Office & more formats.Turn image-based PDFs into searchable PDFs.Extract scanned PDF tables into Excel sheets.Password protect PDFs; redact sensitive content.PDF OCR support for 12 different languages.ImprovedAvailable for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

No download Needed

With our online PDF to lớn Word OCR tool, you convert your scanned files online directly in your browser (an active internet connection is required).

No internet Needed

Able2Extract PRO works completely offline. You can use it lớn convert your docs offline without having lớn upload files to lớn external servers for conversion.

The Quicker Way

The online scanned PDF khổng lồ Word converter only converts entire image PDFs to lớn DOCX with a 2-step conversion process. No advanced conversion options.

The More Accurate Way

Unlike the không tính tiền online converter, Able2Extract PRO offers the latest generation OCR engine with advanced settings and selective conversion options.

OCR for Scanned Files in English

The online converter automatically recognizes scanned PDF text và converts it khổng lồ an editable Word file, but can’t recognize non-English characters.

Multi-language OCR Engine

The OCR engine in Able2Extract PRO can successfully convert scanned documents in English, Spanish, French, German và 8 additional languages.

Only Whole Documents

You can convert whole PDFs only which can induce longer waiting times for large documents. Recognition algorithm underperforms on graphical elements.

Partial Conversions + R2V

Ability to perform partial page conversions (supported by Raster-to-Vector) makes Able2Extract Pro the best choice for both scanned text & graphical elements.

Free with kích thước Limits

Completely không tính tiền to use. No need khổng lồ sign up or leave your thư điện tử address. The file form size limit is 50 MB. We use a 2048-bits RSA key with SHA-256 encryption.

Free Trial và No Limits

Able2Extract PRO comes with a 7-day không tính tiền trial (3-page conversion limit). A lifetime license comes without any limitations (you can use it forever).

PDF Converter with Basic OCR

Our không lấy phí online tool can only convert scanned PDF to Word. You can’t select a different đầu ra file format lượt thích Excel or use batch processing & other advanced features.

Full-featured PDF Software

Able2Extract PRO is a complete solution packed with advanced PDF conversion, editing, OCR, security and eSignature tools for all your PDF needs.

Powerful Multi-Language OCR Engine

Utilize our high-fidelity OCR (Optical Character Recognition) giải pháp công nghệ to turn any scanned PDF into an accessible Word document you can edit right away.

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Convert Only the Text You Need

You don’t have to convert the entire PDF file. Use Able2Extract khổng lồ extract a desired page range, a specific page, or even a part of a single page.

Convert Image PDF to Other Formats

Besides conversion to Word, you can easily convert scanned PDF to lớn Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, AutoCAD, HTML, CSV, and various image tệp tin formats.

No Internet? No Problem!

Able2Extract works offline - no need to lớn access the internet or upload your PDFs to external servers. Conversions are performed locally on your computer.

Lifetime Access to Every Tool

With Able2Extract PRO you get unlimited access to lớn its OCR giải pháp công nghệ along with all other PDF conversion, editing, security và signature tools.






OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This is advanced technology that enables you lớn transform hard copy documents và images into editable digital files, or to lớn extract data locked inside scanned PDFs into easy-to-edit file formats lượt thích Microsoft Word & Excel.

Software equipped with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) offers users the ability to lớn work with data from scanned documents that are saved as digital file formats, especially PDF.

Optical character recognition scans image-based files looking for text & tries khổng lồ recognize individual characters. Once visual clues inside the document are matched with any character in the underlying character database, OCR produces machine-encoded text that users can edit in word processors.

For example, an OCR program can transform a picture of an invoice into an editable invoice. It can save you time on manually retyping textual nội dung from a PDF or an image file.

One more benefit of using OCR software is related to lớn making paper documentation digitally searchable. Once all your scanned documents have been OCRed, you can easily tìm kiếm for a specific document or even a từ khoá across the whole set of documents.

OCR technology is getting more accurate every year thanks to lớn AI algorithms and increased processing power of hardware và software tools. That’s why it is important to lớn have the latest version at hand for the best OCR results possible.

One more thing to take into consideration is language support. Advanced solutions have the ability lớn extract special characters for multiple languages whether they are phonograms (e.g. Latin alphabet) or logograms (e.g. Chinese characters).

If you want a không tính phí solution for turning scanned PDF content into digitally editable text, look no further than’s scanned PDF to lớn Word OCR converter.

You can drag-and-drop a file into the conversion rectangle on this page lớn start the upload or simply click the rectangle khổng lồ browse for a file on your computer you’d like to OCR. Once the upload is complete, the conversion will start automatically. Once finished, you will be able to download the Word file & start another conversion with no daily limits per user.

If you want lớn have more flexibility over your conversion & the range of output file formats available, try Able2Extract Professional that comes with a powerful OCR engine baked right in khổng lồ provide you with a complete desktop PDF solution for Windows, Mac, & Linux.

You can choose khổng lồ convert everything or just a portion of a document, extract special characters in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian languages. Make scanned PDFs searchable without conversion, and get the editable file into various tệp tin formats.

The best part - there’s no need to bởi vì anything manually! Able2Extract Pro recognizes a scanned (image-based) PDF when opened and performs OCR automatically. Just open a document and click on the tệp tin format of your choice, Able2Extract will vì chưng all the heavy lifting for you.